The service provider organizes a small meeting and seminar under the concept of simple, fast and stylish. Brand concept to refer to the beliefs and auspiciousness of Thai people. Adapted to the style that looks modern, lively In response to modern consumer behavior that has a smaller activity But still wants the fast and convenience, plus the work that is more suitable for one's own taste. YARMDEE is another option to meet the needs of customers.


In terms of logo design, we use a table for viewing auspicious times to use directly because the symbol itself is already symbolic in itself, mixed with the layout and the font that was inspired by the Thai shop sign Trade in the old days, which can show the identity of contemporary Thai perfectly. Along with various elements to make the logo complete, readable in both Thai and English As for the tone of the brand, we place it as a brand that has a modern image, streamlined, lively look to conflict with the names and beliefs we use, which we see as a charm in the brand.


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