Shokunin, a new Thai beverage brand offers an alternative drink that combines aesthetics and functionality. The functions of each product will meet the needs of the new generation in a variety of ways. There is also a view to focus on and promote local producers instead of using foreign raw materials.


Logo Design: The symbol part was inspired to dot the circle of the circle in the Japanese flag. But modify the cook of the movement of water droplets, keeping the shape of the circle. This will result in symbols that are both stationary and moving simultaneously. The letter was made to be calm but convincing. with a touch of craftsmanship The overall logo is contemporary, simple, and easily recognizable.


The first product to be launched was White Widow cannabis-flavored vitamin water, whose main customers were modern workers. In Thailand, marijuana use has been warned in various industries. As a result, the trend of using cannabis as an ingredient in food and beverages has also increased. Shokunin is the brand’s first product. In terms of functionality, the scent of White Widow is soothing and happy. It has a cannabis-like effect and adds beneficial vitamins such as B, B3, B6, B12, and L-theanine. We’re designed in a Japanese style. Designed to be soothing, soothing to match the effects we experience with this scent. and differentiate itself from competitors with similar vitamin-packed drinking water on the market. We created a light character to express the soothing and fluid feel of cannabis use. Most of the competitors are designed to show what the compound consists of and what it does. Design direction mood to the west.