Our studio has had the opportunity to re-Brand the Amado brand for the second time after rebranding the first 6 years ago. If anyone has heard of the Amado brand through TV eyes? It should be enough to know that Amado is a brand that took time to grow up quickly. From a small brand that is sold online to a brand that we see on almost every TV channel. If no one noticed, I would say Amado is one of the first online supplement brands. that focuses on creating a brand image that has a credible standard Unlike other brands in the market at that time that mainly focused on the properties of the product. Until there was a crisis of nutritional supplements from non-standard brands causing the food supplement industry to face problems. But Dodo was able to get through this, which is probably a benefit of building a good brand image early on. and can come back to grow again in a short time and plans to eventually become a public


The problem we received was to re-Brand, this time Amado wanted to be more clearly an "organization". By taking into account the organizational culture that Amado has and has always been, but has not been seriously transmitted. which is startup enthusiasm Fast, flexible but quality. Love and care for both people in the organization and customers. These must be conveyed in the new Identity that will launch and operate from now on.


We chose to deal with the little-known heart symbols in a simple, distinctive, crisp and organized typography. The use of color patterns that have been used before is more clearly defined. And the usage pattern to be organized and easy to use for people in the organization and outside the organization to make Amado a modern, active, fresh, powerful organization that is truly the organization of the new generation.


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